Based in Yaizu, Shizuoka, Fujieda, Shimada, and Kakegawa, we operate all six small-scale licensed childcare business type A.
Each and every one of our staff treats their children with a warm feeling so that they can support child-rearing and develop the potential of important children.

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Sustainable Development Goals: The SDGs are the international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 from 2016 to 2030, consisting of 17 universal goals and 169 targets that apply to all countries, including developed countries, including inequality issues, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change measures. The Kibo Group aims to respond to the needs and demands of society and contribute to the resolution of issues through initiatives in line with the Basic CSR Activity Policy (social responsibility that companies and companies should fulfill). Through SDGs activities, we will continue to carry out activities that will make all children and all people involved happy for the future of 2030. In addition, we will fulfill our social responsibilities while working on the SDGs for the future. We look forward to your continued support for the Kibo Group.

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希望 Parents' Voices

・Because it is a small scale, the teachers are very kind to each child and I am very grateful. My children get used to it faster than I imagined, and I can enjoy going to the kindergarten every day, and as a parent, I am also happy.
・ It will tell you about the state of the child on the way home or in the notebook. When I go home, it will tell me how the day is going. There are places where they watch over the growth of children well, and I think they create an environment where it is easy for them to grow up quickly. The teachers are kind and always treat the kindergarten children with a smile.
・ A nursery school where all staff are bright and easy to attend. The atmosphere is warm. It is good that when you pick up someone, they tell you in detail about the day.
・I feel that the whole kindergarten is watching the children. A homey feeling unique to a small scale. Pleasant greetings from the teachers. Other children, including my own children, greet me, so I feel that they are good role models. I was able to experience various kinds of play and learning that I could not do at home alone. In addition, there is a great sense of security by being able to watch the growth of the child together.
・ They value the event and devise ways to make it easy for kindergarten children to enjoy it. The update rate of the blog is high, and you can know what is going on at the garden (including photo sales). The teacher will tell you about the situation of the day when you leave the kindergarten, and you can rest assured that the contact book is also filled in detail.
・Thank you for always being kind to children and educating them. I hope that children will continue to learn various things in the future. Thank you.
- Thank you for your time. My child loves teachers and friends, and I am grateful that I was able to have various experiences at the kindergarten. Not only the homeroom teacher, but also all the teachers are kind to me, and I feel that each person is valued.
・ All the teachers speak kindly to you, and you can leave your child with peace of mind. He wrote down the situation in the contact notebook and told me verbally, so you can feel that you are having a good time. He looks at every detail. You can rest assured that you will report various things properly.
・ It is a good place that you can let the child play according to the physical condition (condition). Because it is a small nursery school, you can pay attention to each child. You can interact with children of different ages and learn to give and do. Every teacher looks after each child well and welcomes them warmly. I can see very well that the child is also having a good time, so you can leave it with peace of mind.
・ Thank you for your continued support. Thank you very much for your kind and courteous attention to sudden time changes and poor physical condition. In the special environment of the corona disaster, I think that all of you who are essential workers are struggling very hard. My son started to get to know people and places, but he loved the nursery school and I could feel a lot of growth in the six months since I started going there. Thank you for your continued support of my son.
・ I am happy that the seasonal production is very cute. I am grateful that I was able to touch a lot of nature every season. There are many teachers, so I think they look at each one of them carefully. Every morning when I send it to her, she calls me by name and says "good morning," so my daughter seems to be having fun going to the park.
・It is good that each teacher looks after the child well. There are places that provide childcare with various ingenuities in a limited environment (production, events, walks, etc.), and it is good to have a place where lunch is cooked in the park and does not require a packed lunch.
・ It is a small number of children with a homely atmosphere, and there is acceptance of Saturday childcare that is close to parents. Because it is small, there is a place where each person can be treated carefully, and they respond flexibly.
・When the return pick up is late, I think that the teacher is playing with you near even the last one, so I think that you are waiting without crying. It has been very helpful.
・ I like the homey atmosphere very much. I am always looking forward to seeing life and events in the garden on the blog. It is good that there are places with abundant nature and ranches nearby, and you can come into contact with nature and animals.
・ I want you to continue to be a bright and fun nursery school Kibo from now on. I want even small daycare centers in this area to become big entities. I'd like you to say that "Kibo" is good to have.
・Teachers are enthusiastic about children, and they say that they want to go to daycare centers, so I think this situation is fine. Thank you for your continued care of the selfish children.
・Thank you very much for always staying up early in the morning until late in the evening. My child said, "I like teachers!" and I was able to leave it with peace of mind. I think that childcare for infants was difficult due to the corona disaster, but I was grateful that I was able to have various experiences so that the children could have a good time.
・Thank you for always watching over the little monster. It seems that they are looking forward to going to the garden every day. Thanks to the teachers, I am able to do my job. I am filled with gratitude. I think it will be even more difficult in the future, but thank you.
・Thank you for always being polite. I was reluctant to leave her at the nursery school, but she welcomed me warmer than I imagined, and I think that my mother, myself, has been very supportive. I am full of gratitude to the teachers. I think it was really good to be able to enter the nursery school Kibo.
・It was my first nursery school, but I was able to leave it with confidence. Thank you so much every day. Thanks to you, I learned a lot of things and fell in love with the nursery school, teachers, and friends.
Thank you for always looking at my son. Since I started going to Kibo, I feel that I have grown up quickly, and that I have become a big brother because I enjoy watching him every day. While there are many kindergarten children, each child is carefully watched, so it is a nursery school where you can leave them with peace of mind.
・At first, I was worried because I was the daughter of a crying insect, but thanks to the teachers who spoke to me kindly and cuddled me until I stopped crying, I am now able to go to the kindergarten without crying. On the way back, they tell me about today's situation, and it is pasted in a place where I can see the work, so I go to pick it up every time I look forward to it. Thank you so much for always taking care of me until late. Thank you for your continued support.
・Thank you very much to the teachers who always look after my son. I'm glad that my son is coming home having fun at the nursery. I am grateful that you can play things that you can not easily do at home. I think that there are times when both parents and children are inconvenienced. Thank you for always being polite in that regard. Thank you for your continued support.
・Thank you for your generous childcare according to the child's condition. It was helpful to be able to check the names of the clothes and tell them. My parents didn't notice it unexpectedly, so I was saved by telling them directly. I miss not being able to see the teachers at the graduation school soon. Please continue to do your best with warm childcare as it is now.
- Thank you for your time. When a child asks me before going to bed or in a conversation in the bath that "I had fun today," I feel from the bottom of my heart that I am glad that I entered the kindergarten, and I can only be grateful that I can go to work every day with peace of mind. I love all the teachers, including children and parents, so I miss graduating from kindergarten now. My family often tells me that I want them to see me at my current kindergarten before I enter elementary school.
・I was worried when I first entered the kindergarten, but now that I am surrounded by teachers and friends, I am looking forward to going to the nursery school. Thank you for your time. It was thanks to the nursery school that my daughter, who was quite a pacifier man, was able to graduate within a month of entering the kindergarten. I think it will continue to be difficult, but please do your best. I will do my best. My daughter and I both love our homeroom teacher.
・Thank you for always thinking about how to make your child happy. Thanks to the teachers, I am truly grateful that I can be entrusted with peace of mind and be able to work. Thank you for showing me how my child has grown every day.
・Thinking about the growth of the children, I am grateful that I was able to experience various things. It is thanks to the teachers that I can go to the nursery school with a smile on my face every day. I think the teachers themselves were worried because of the corona disaster, but thank you for always welcoming the children with a smile. Thank you for your continued support.
・Thanks to the teachers who are warm to the homely atmosphere, I enjoy going to school every day. It's a place that parents and children alike.
・ It is helpful because I can flex my time. It is a beautiful kindergarten building.



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